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Kingdom Wide DEI survey

Every group in our Society has different wants, and needs to feel seen and supported. Knowing which groups are represented in our Society will allow us to support everyone better.  To that end we are carrying out a Kingdom wide DEI survey. 

I understand that with this sort of survey data privacy can be a huge concern so here is how we are intending to secure and use the data collected:

  • The Survey is completely anonymous, there will be no collection of email addresses or I.P. Addresses.
  • You can choose to leave contact information in the survey if you wish to discuss specific items in more detail but it is completely voluntary. 
  • Only The Kingdom DEI officer will have access to the raw data from which the report will be created. And that access is kept secure through 2 factor Authentication.
  • I might need some assistance with French translations
  • The final report will be anonymised so that no personally identifiable information will be shown.

The Survey will be open from now until January 31st and I hope to have the survey report done by January 15th. 

Any Questions or concerns can be addressed to: 

Lady Caoilfhionn Inghean Lochlainn

DEI is very close to my heart and I am hoping that this survey will be a first step in helping to make the East Kingdom an even more welcoming place! I would like to thank-you for taking the time to read this and hopefully fill out the survey at one of the links provided. 

Lady Caoilfhionn Inghean Lochlain

Enquête en français

Wish for a copy of the Survey Report, once compiled?